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Ethan Shirts and Classic Chinos

Yesterday I promised to show you the other garments I sewed assembly line style when I made the Future Professional outfit for my kindergartener.  When you have 4 sons, it really does end up easier sewing like an assembly line to keep them in clothes! Thomas also needed some new dress clothes.  I grabbed theContinue reading “Ethan Shirts and Classic Chinos”

Future Professional {Boy’s Mini Wardrobe}

Last week I shared the “Reach for the Stars” mini wardrobe I sewed for my son who is starting his kindergarten studies.  I promised to share more about each look, and today I’m expanding on the Future Professional look. This was such a fun look to create, and also useful because David needed these clothes! Continue reading “Future Professional {Boy’s Mini Wardrobe}”

Forest Floor Adventure

Stepping into the forest, on and off the path, in the dappled lighting we discovered quite an adventure. A deer bounded across the path and paused to stare at us with it’s great doe eyes. Four squirrels nibbled corn a forbidden arms length away. Something mysterious swam just beneath the water,  surfaced with a splashContinue reading “Forest Floor Adventure”

Sewing A Button Up Shirt – Tips, Tricks, Tutorials & More

Recently I took on the rather insane project of making 4 Marco shirts for my oldest son.  He has outgrown the 2 I made him last year, and requested some more.  Since I reviewed the Marco shirt pattern then, I thought I’d share things I’ve learned about making button up shirts. So here’s the postContinue reading “Sewing A Button Up Shirt – Tips, Tricks, Tutorials & More”

Richie Rich 80s Cartoon Inspired Ethan Shirt

I made another Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom patterns.  It was wonderful!  Actually, I made this shirt side by side with the black denim jacket Ethan Shirt flip I made, but it was still wonderful! If you make the Ethan Shirt, people will never believe you actually made the awesome shirt your child is wearing! Continue reading “Richie Rich 80s Cartoon Inspired Ethan Shirt”

Black Denim Jacket Ethan Flip

We accepted Frances Suzanne’s challenge to flip the Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom.  Of course, first of all we had to sew an unflipped version of the Ethan Shirt, but we’ll get to that another time.  When we can get the boy convinced to show his face on a SKIRT blog! I knew I wantedContinue reading “Black Denim Jacket Ethan Flip”