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Swing Set Skirt and Tunic Review

The Swing Set Skirt and Tunic pattern by Oliver+S currently tops out at size 5, so we were in a hurry to make this pattern for Annie.  Because the Swing Set pattern is too cute not to sew.  As with all Oliver+S patterns, it’s the details that make the difference.  We’ll start with the detailsContinue reading “Swing Set Skirt and Tunic Review”

Hopscotch Skirt Review

The Hopscotch Skirt, Top and Dress pattern from Oliver + S was one of the first Oliver + S patterns to catch our eye.  It was the pockets on that little skirt.  The pleats create a slight oriental flair, think a Chinese takeout box, and we were hooked.  The top and dress are made fromContinue reading “Hopscotch Skirt Review”

Sunday Brunch Skirt and Jacket Review

We delayed our next All The Skirts post until today because we have some exciting news!  Fat Quarter Shop is having an exclusive sale for this event.  From now, May 4th until M The next skirt in our journey to sew all the Oliver + S skirts is the Sunday Brunch Jacket and A-Line Skirt Pattern. Continue reading “Sunday Brunch Skirt and Jacket Review”

2+2 Pleated Skirt and Blouse Review

We’ve been absent this week because we’ve been busy sewing for Kids Clothes Week!  You’ll see by the last 2 photos in this post, we’ve cranked out 6 items of clothing!  (Actually 7 counting Monday’s Monet Dress!)  But let’s start with the Oliver+S 2+2 skirt and blouse. The fourth skirt we made in the AllContinue reading “2+2 Pleated Skirt and Blouse Review”

Sailboat Skirt & Top Review

The Oliver + S Sailboat Skirt And Top pattern sums up poetry in skirt form!  This skirt was seriously so fun to put together that we’d sew up another one just for the pure joy of seeing it all come together.  You could probably make this skirt many, many times without getting tired of constructingContinue reading “Sailboat Skirt & Top Review”

Hula Hoop Skirt Review

Following this very inspirational Oliver + S skirt week, we chose to sew up the Hula Hoop skirt by Oliver + S!  This skirt is loved by both the maker and the wearer.  Mom loved sewing up this skirt, it just took one afternoon, and Annie loves a twirly, swishy skirt. The Hula Hoop skirtContinue reading “Hula Hoop Skirt Review”