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Savvy Noggins Shop Launch & Sale Code

Remember when we promised we’d tell you what’s been keeping us busy?  Well today we’re spilling the beans.  We’ve launched Savvy Noggins!  It’s “Millinery for the Fashion-Conscious Baby” or just plain fun baby bonnets! Every one of our darling bonnets are reversible and have ears that reverse to the other side too!  There are 6Continue reading “Savvy Noggins Shop Launch & Sale Code”

3 Swaddle Blanket Tutorials

Today as part of our Handmade Baby series we’ve got 3 tutorials for you on how to make your own swaddle blankets.  Each way is simple, fast, uses a different fabric, and ends up with a perfect sized blanket.  Let’s get started. Flannel swaddle blanket tutorial: Most flannel fabric comes in widths of 42-45 inches. Continue reading “3 Swaddle Blanket Tutorials”

Blouses for February {Project Sew It}

Today Aria and Audrey are sharing our makes for the Project Sew It February prompt – blouse.  (Project Sew It is a monthly inspirational sewing challenge created by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family.)  Audrey took the opportunity to treat herself to something she’s never had before, and Aria added a much needed item toContinue reading “Blouses for February {Project Sew It}”

Lumberjack Shirt

When my oldest son chose the backing for his denim quilt, his younger brother got a case of jealousy.  He informed me that he’d ALWAYS wanted a plaid lumberjack shirt in just exactly those colors.  Well, he lucked out because there was enough fabric leftover from the edges of the denim quilt backing to makeContinue reading “Lumberjack Shirt”

New Year’s Resolution #1 Update

If you remember waaaay back to January when we posted our New Year’s Resolutions, I only had 2 goals.  I’ve added a 3rd with Project Sew It, but I figured if I keep it simple, I’m more likely to succeed, right? So this rather short blog post is to show the progress I’ve made onContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution #1 Update”

Sunday Brunch Skirt and Jacket Review

We delayed our next All The Skirts post until today because we have some exciting news!  Fat Quarter Shop is having an exclusive sale for this event.  From now, May 4th until M The next skirt in our journey to sew all the Oliver + S skirts is the Sunday Brunch Jacket and A-Line Skirt Pattern. Continue reading “Sunday Brunch Skirt and Jacket Review”