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Dollhouse Skirt – New FREE Pattern

Last year, we were inspired by Skirting the Issue to create a free girl’s skirt pattern, the Pegasus Skirt.  This year we decided to do the same.  We are completely over the moon about the release of our second free skirt pattern, The Dollhouse Skirt. Today we are contributing to Skirting The Issue with thisContinue reading “Dollhouse Skirt – New FREE Pattern”

The Pegasus Skirt – A free skirt pattern!

We are beyond delighted to release our first sewing pattern.  We’ve named it The Pegasus Skirt and it’s a free skirt pattern.We are calling our pattern The Pegasus Skirt because the quilt block on the border of the skirt is called “Flying Geese” and those horses!  Now to back up and give credit where credit isContinue reading “The Pegasus Skirt – A free skirt pattern!”

Easy T-shirt Skirt Review

As we promised at the beginning of All The Skirts: Blank Slate Patterns & Hawthorne Threads, we used one of the 10 free skirt tutorials from Melly Sews to bring you today’s skirt.  Make that skirts.  Because this free skirt tutorial was so fast and easy and the end result so fun and comfortable weContinue reading “Easy T-shirt Skirt Review”

Fancy Free Patterns

Free patterns.  We love them!  We’ve used them many times, and today our goal is to show you how you can take free patterns and make them fancy.  Fancy free patterns. When Frances Suzanne invited us to be a part of their Flip This Pattern series, we were floored!  These are some talented sewing ladies,Continue reading “Fancy Free Patterns”

DIY Ballerina Costume & German Girl Costume – Skirt Costume Theme Week

Okay, so chances are if you have a little girl to outfit for a costume, chances are she’s going to want to be a ballerina or some variation thereof (ballerina fairy, dancing princess, etc.!)  Well, the great news is that a ballerina costume is very easy to put together, and cheap with no sewing requiredContinue reading “DIY Ballerina Costume & German Girl Costume – Skirt Costume Theme Week”

Skirt Costumes Theme Week – Free Girl Costume Ideas

This week is Skirt Costume Week!  At Skirt Fixation, we’ve been known to throw themed costume parties any time of year!  There was the November Egyptian Feast, the Victorian Tea Party in March (you should have seen the awesome hats!) and the Medieval Feast in September.  One Dad came dressed as a knight!  We knowContinue reading “Skirt Costumes Theme Week – Free Girl Costume Ideas”