“Deer” Niece’s Birthday {Project Sew It}

For the final Project Sew it of the year, sort of splurged.  The recipient it my youngest niece, and the only little girl I ever get to sew for!  There’s something inspirational going on this year.  Celina of Petit a Petit and Family created Project Sew It.  You can read all about it here, but theContinue reading ““Deer” Niece’s Birthday {Project Sew It}”

Star Wars T-shirt DIY {Kids Clothes Week Day 3}

Kids Clothes Week day 3 brings a new outfit for my 4 year old.  David has a dimple, a lisp, huge eyes with eyelashes a mile long, and other adorable eccentricities that make this mama’s heart swell!  I’m not one of those moms whose kid has a speech therapist, I always am a little sadContinue reading “Star Wars T-shirt DIY {Kids Clothes Week Day 3}”

Hand Painted Field Trip Raglan T-shirts

Two days in a row without a skirt?  Well, sorry, but I got on a roll making Field Trip Raglan T-shirts for my boys!  And embellishing them was too fun.  I simply had to!  Let’s start with the bigger version on Thomas.Once again, I used the Field Trip Raglan T-shirt pattern from Oliver+S.  Before sewing,Continue reading “Hand Painted Field Trip Raglan T-shirts”

Jocole Peplum Top Review

In my last post, I mentioned the Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  This event is being hosted by Becca over at Free Notion.  The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to have a small number of clothing items that you love and wear often.  No more closet stuffed full of clothing and feeling like you have nothingContinue reading “Jocole Peplum Top Review”

McCartney Jacket Review

Would someone please take my Mom and Grandma out of the room for the remainder of this post?  Cause we’re about to get silly!  And while we’re waiting for them to get clear, go over to Project Run and Play and vote for our Bubble Inspired Look as there is only one day remaining toContinue reading “McCartney Jacket Review”

Lane Raglan by Hey June Pattern Review

Allegra and I have joined the throng of admirers of the Lane Raglan.  We snatched the pattern during the Black Friday $5 special, and couldn’t wait to make it our own.  Hey June patterns created the Lane Raglan tee, and we now want to try their other patterns, we love this one so much!  TheContinue reading “Lane Raglan by Hey June Pattern Review”

Buffalo Plaid Reversible Jacket

We accepted the Girl Charlee Buffalo Plaid challenge!  The requirements were to use one of 4 buffalo plaid fabrics and sew up anything.  So we went for the blue and coral buffalo plaid, added some navy sweatshirt fleece, a Which Way Out Jacket pattern and poof!  A new reversible jacket for Aria!  Just in timeContinue reading “Buffalo Plaid Reversible Jacket”

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