October 2018 Goals Update #2

It’s time for another check in to see where we are on our 2018 sewing resolutions.  Since there are only 3 months left, we should be getting closer to finishing up.  Should be!   For the women’s make 9 challenge, we’ve now sewn 6 of the garments we had planned.  Here are links to theContinue reading “October 2018 Goals Update #2”

2018 Goals Update – April

Instead of waiting until the end of the year to check in on our sewing resolutions, I thought it would help stay on track to check in throughout the year.  So check up #1! For the women’s make 9 challenge, I’ve sewn myself 4 items.  That means I’m ahead of the curve for staying onContinue reading “2018 Goals Update – April”

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