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Canvas Sandbridge Skirt & Textured Granville Shirt

For the 1st time in quite a few years, we’re not making Make 9 plans. Oh we’re still making lots of sewing plans, but have found that the Make 9 model doesn’t fit our flow as well this year. However, you can still expect lots of sewing posts, some plan din advance and some spontaneous!Continue reading “Canvas Sandbridge Skirt & Textured Granville Shirt”

Aria’s makes for Selfish Sewing Week

Today we’re showing you what Aria made for Selfish Sewing Week. After her 4H project shirt and skirt she wanted to tackle something more advanced. After looking through our patterns, she made the very ambitious choice of a Syrah skirt and a Granville shirt. I wasn’t too worried about the Syrah skirt pattern, as she’sContinue reading “Aria’s makes for Selfish Sewing Week”