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Make 9 Update #6

As the end of the year bears down on us, I’m trying to finish up and make record of my progress on my plans from the beginning of the year…also called my Make 9 (Outfits) goals. This time we sewed the gorgeous Cascade wrap skirt! This outfit changed slightly from my original plans. The planContinue reading “Make 9 Update #6”

Key Largo Top in 3 Different Substrates!

Today I’m over at Hey June Handmade sharing a tutorial on how to add ruffle sleeves to the Key Largo Top.  I’m totally honored to be there, and ruffle sleeves are so big right now (sorry, bad pun!) that you really will want to add them to all your tops! In creating the tutorial, andContinue reading “Key Largo Top in 3 Different Substrates!”

Lace Skirt to Trevi Top Refashion

In my last post I promised a full review on how I refashioned a lace skirt into the Trevi Top. First of all, here’s the skirt I started with.  It’s lace (crocheted maybe?) and very pretty, but not super flattering to my figure, not long enough, and not really me as is.  So of courseContinue reading “Lace Skirt to Trevi Top Refashion”

Sandbridge Skirt & Trevi Top Outfit

The Sandbridge Skirt is basically a dream skirt come true!  Several Indie designers have produced patterns for sewing your own jeans, but this is the first one we’ve found for a denim skirt.  And because it’s from one of our favorite pattern companies, Hey June Patterns, we’re totally enthralled. The Sandbridge Skirt has all theContinue reading “Sandbridge Skirt & Trevi Top Outfit”

Tips for sewing double brushed poly fabric

Recently I’ve had fun working with a new kind of fabric.  Double brushed poly fabric is a knit polyester fabric that has been brushed on both sides, making it super soft to wear, but a little tricky to work with. Before I started sewing with double brushed poly fabric, I researched it a little bit. Continue reading “Tips for sewing double brushed poly fabric”

Santa Fe Dress

Allegra’s summer job requires her to be on her feet in an uncomfortable uniform all day long.  So when she gets home she just wants to be comfortable in non-constricting clothes.  She described to me exactly what she wanted; a loose, flowy dress with dolman sleeves and no shaping.  Immediately my thoughts turned to theContinue reading “Santa Fe Dress”

Willamette Shirt Review

Yesterday Adrianna Appl of Hey June Handmade released the Willamette Shirt.  It’s a boxy dolman popover shirt with several different options for sewing.  I made view A with sleeve cuffs.  There are also options for a cropped version or one with a waist seam and color blocking options. The Willamette Shirt can be made inContinue reading “Willamette Shirt Review”

Amnesty April {Project Sew It}

Hello there, we’re back again with Project Sew It’s April Challenge: Dress.  (Project Sew It is a monthly inspirational sewing challenge created by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family.)  Aria and Audrey both sewed up a garment for this month’s challenge.  But not a dress. We’ve given ourselves amnesty on the given garment theme forContinue reading “Amnesty April {Project Sew It}”

Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices

Today we’re going to share some things we’ve learned about sewing for tweens.  We’re going to focus on pattern choices; what’s available, what they’ll wear!  You can also check out our thoughts on fabric choices over at the Cali Fabrics blog, later next week. We’re joining the Growing Up Handmade blog tour.  It’s all aboutContinue reading “Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices”