Free Patterns for March {Project Sew It}

For March’s Project Sew It challenge, both Aria and Audrey sewed up FREE patterns for meeting the “bottoms” project.  (Project Sew It is a monthly inspirational sewing challenge created by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family.) Audrey’s Free Pattern Make: Today’s post makes me really, really happy!  You see, about 6 years ago I hadContinue reading “Free Patterns for March {Project Sew It}”

Blouses for February {Project Sew It}

Today Aria and Audrey are sharing our makes for the Project Sew It February prompt – blouse.  (Project Sew It is a monthly inspirational sewing challenge created by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family.)  Audrey took the opportunity to treat herself to something she’s never had before, and Aria added a much needed item toContinue reading “Blouses for February {Project Sew It}”

Maternity Cheyenne Tunic Tutorial

Before I start Handmade Baby posts, I have one final maternity post for you.  A while back, Sarah from The Crazy Tailor suggested I should figure out how to hack the Cheyenne Tunic pattern to make it suitable for maternity wear.  As is usual with a sewing challenge, my mind worked on the problem until IContinue reading “Maternity Cheyenne Tunic Tutorial”

Aria’s 4H Sewing Project

This year 2 of us chose sewing for a 4H project.  You can read about Annie’s project here.  Today Aria is sharing her 4H sewing project. This year for 4-H I did a three-part sewing project that included a shirt, a skirt, and a jacket. All three were made from varying weights of knit. TheContinue reading “Aria’s 4H Sewing Project”

Maternity Lane Raglan

Halfway there is a good time to make an announcement, right?  After I finished sewing the Wild Things vests, Aria kept telling me I needed to take a break and sew something for myself before I started my next difficult project (sewing jeans for my boys: follow along on Instagram to see my progress.)  HowContinue reading “Maternity Lane Raglan”

Santa Fe Top Review

I’ve got a new favorite top, to sew and to wear! It’s the Santa Fe by Hey June Handmade. Since I love everything I’ve sewn from this company, I was pretty sure the Santa Fe was going to be a win too. Just to be safe I made a muslin first. I used some charcoal bambooContinue reading “Santa Fe Top Review”

Annie’s 4H City Park Tee Dress

Annie sewed a fun project for 4H this year.  Last year she sewed a skirt, and every year the child is supposed to show advancement of skills.  Now, in her level (K-2,) this isn’t a requirement and everyone gets a blue ribbon no matter what they create.  But we decided it was a good opportunity forContinue reading “Annie’s 4H City Park Tee Dress”

Union St. Tee Review

Perhaps you will think this blog post a little boring, but I’m pretty excited about this basic pattern.    This is the Hey June Handmade Union St Tee pattern.  Because I have a habit of making two Hey June Patterns at the same time (indecisive about which view to make!) I sewed up 2 UnionContinue reading “Union St. Tee Review”

Lane Raglans Round 3

Alrighty then!  I promised you another Lane Raglan sew/wear off, so today’s the day!  When I made my black new Lane Raglan from the new pattern I absolutely love, love, loved the new fit.  And apparently so did Allegra.  She tried it on and refused to take it off and return it to me untilContinue reading “Lane Raglans Round 3”

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