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How to Make a Shirt Larger at the Hips Tutorial

Do you have a shirt that fits…but not at the hips?  This tutorial will help you to make a shirt larger at the hips.  Don’t throw it away, fix it! We’ll show you how to fix a shirt that’s already finished, or one that you’re currently sewing.  You know, for those times you try itContinue reading “How to Make a Shirt Larger at the Hips Tutorial”

Amherst Shirt Pattern Review

We love the new Amherst Shirt from Hey June patterns.  If we could sum up the new Amherst Shirt pattern in 3 words, those 3 would be, “Another amazing pattern!”   The Amherst Shirt is a button down cargo style shirt with integrated sleeve cuffs.  (More on that later…)  It is intended to be sewn inContinue reading “Amherst Shirt Pattern Review”

Pussy Bow Cheyenne Tunic & Fumeterre Skirt

This is the final outfit from my Make 9 2019 outfits.  And since it’s outfit #7 that means there are 2 that I didn’t complete.  More on those at the end of this post.  This outfit is a Pussy Bow Cheyenne Tunic and Fumeterre Skirt. This was the original plan: Top Pattern: Cheyenne Tunic byContinue reading “Pussy Bow Cheyenne Tunic & Fumeterre Skirt”

Sheridan Sweater Review

Probably every post about the Sheridan Sweater by Hey June Patterns has the words “did it again” in it somewhere! It’s just that this pattern is so good and so fresh, that the sentiment is understandable. The Sheridan Sweater pattern is a quick and easy pattern. We sewed up 2 of them the day theContinue reading “Sheridan Sweater Review”

Faux Layered Sleeves Tutorial

Want the look of layered sleeves without the bulk in the armpits and bunching at the shoulder that double sleeves can sometimes do? Today we’ve got a faux layered sleeves tutorial for you. You could even adapt this tutorial to add sleeves to an existing short sleeved shirt! (We like to use the Union StreetContinue reading “Faux Layered Sleeves Tutorial”

DIY Pleated Yoke Shirt Tutorial

Well this is embarrassing.  Apparently I never shared my final Hey June June garment I sewed!  But it’s really too good to just let go, so let’s all pretend like it’s not 3 months overdue. The final garment I sewed for Hey June June is the Phoenix Blouse.  The yoke on this Blouse is aContinue reading “DIY Pleated Yoke Shirt Tutorial”

2 Lucerne Blouses

Lucerne Blouse, how we love thee!  The Lucerne Blouse is the newest pattern from Hey June Patterns.  It’s a loose fitting, woven top with several neckline and sleeve options.  Plus you can use the sleeves from a couple of other Hey June Patterns too, so the options are huge!  We sewed up 2 Lucerne BlousesContinue reading “2 Lucerne Blouses”

Double Brushed Poly Santa Fe Tops

The second pattern I sewed in honor of Hey June June is the Santa Fe Top.  I’ve made quite a few of these tops for a very good reason…they are so comfortable and flattering too.  You can find the sew along in my Instagram stories if you’re looking for help sewing the Santa Fe Top.Continue reading “Double Brushed Poly Santa Fe Tops”

Wednesday Willamette Shirt

As part of Hey June June, I sewed a Willamette Shirt.  The hosts and I have declared every Wednesday in June “Willamette Wednesday” and we’re wearing our Willamette Shirts.  The problem is that I only have one Willamette Shirt!  (See it here) Since I’m hosting a sew along every week of a different Hey JuneContinue reading “Wednesday Willamette Shirt”