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6 DIY Skirt Outfit Ideas

Today we’re sharing 6 DIY skirt outfit ideas! Use these ideas as inspiration to get dressed in a skirt outfit today. Skirt pattern: refashioned skirt (instructions here) Skirt fabric: embroidered corduroy from JoAnn Stores Shirt pattern: Union St Tee by Hey June Handmade Shirt fabric: Dana modal jersey in chocolate Shoes: (similar brown flat shoes)Continue reading “6 DIY Skirt Outfit Ideas”

Make Nine Update #1

My 1st outfit from my Make 9 (Outfits) is complete!  I took the opportunity of an upcoming birth to make myself the most comfortable pajamas outfit for the postpartum days when I’ll be in bed recovering from giving birth.  In the past, I’ve never thought about a special outfit for this time, instead just grabbingContinue reading “Make Nine Update #1”

Janie Dress & Hatteras Hoodie

It’s another Janie Dress for the baby, let’s just get that out of the way first thing!!  There are so many reasons we keep making this dress pattern…and one of the main ones is that she loves them so much! For this Janie Dress, we made the short sleeve circle skirt version.  We used someContinue reading “Janie Dress & Hatteras Hoodie”

Hey June Patterns for Pregnancy

Today I have a fun list of Hey June patterns that work well for each trimester of pregnancy, as well as some that are breastfeeding friendly. Also, I’m super excited about the tutorial I wrote and linked to for making these bottom patterns work for pregnancy, so please click over and check it out onContinue reading “Hey June Patterns for Pregnancy”

2 Gray Halifax Hoodies for fall

Well, it’s officially hoodie weather, so of course that means a few more Halifax Hoodies were in order!  This pattern by Hey June Patterns has gotten a complete workout and we have no plans to stop sewing it anytime soon…it’s a wardrobe staple for sure. Allegra was sadly lacking in zip up hoodies, so IContinue reading “2 Gray Halifax Hoodies for fall”

Three Ponte Camden Raglan Tees

Today I’ve got a huge comparison of these three different ponte fabrics over at CaliFabrics.  Please go check it out! Over at CaliFabrics, since it’s such an in depth discussion of the fabric, I don’t really get to share more about the pattern!  This is the Camden Raglan by Hey June Patterns. Since Annie hasContinue reading “Three Ponte Camden Raglan Tees”

Rayon Challis vs Viscose Poplin

Today I’m exploring the difference between rayon and viscose, and between challis and poplin.  In all the pictures, the rayon challis fabric is on the left and the viscose poplin fabric is on the right. So what exactly is the difference between rayon challis and viscose poplin?  That was a question in my mind, forContinue reading “Rayon Challis vs Viscose Poplin”

Key Largo Tops for Summer

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Summer of the Phoenix {Blouse} programming to bring you these Key Largo Tops. With as much as we love the Key Largo Top pattern by Hey June Patterns it was bound to happen! It came about because Aria wanted (and needed) some new tops for nicer occasions. And because she tried onContinue reading “Key Largo Tops for Summer”

Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2

Today we have a fun post for you and a tutorial on how to make your own funny DIY homeschool t-shirts.   Homeschoolers often get taken very seriously, but really, they can be a fun and funny group of kids.  They have probably been asked all the same questions over and over again many times,Continue reading “Funny DIY Homeschool T-shirts with the Cricut EasyPress 2”