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5 Skirts to Lengthen Your Legs

5 Skirts is a series where we highlight five skirt patterns to help you feel confident about your body.  Today’s edition is: 5 Skirts to Lengthen Your Legs!  Click on any photo to be taken to our review of that skirt pattern. Ina Skirt by Pattern Review:  You know the old adage about horizontal stripesContinue reading “5 Skirts to Lengthen Your Legs”

1920s Inspired Fashion

I’ve created a modern outfit inspired by 1920s fashion.  Alida is holding a monthly event called Sew The Show and this month she is inviting anyone to make something inspired by a show called Boardwalk Empire.  Not having a television, all I know about this show is that it’s set in the 1920s and theContinue reading “1920s Inspired Fashion”

Ina Skirt Review

Have you seen the Ina Skirt? This skirt really fits the description we love to use when describing skirts as a blank canvas.  The Ina Skirt has so many desirable characteristics; comfortable, flattering, easy to sew, and fun!  We’ll address each of those separately. The Ina Skirt is comfortable: The skirt is made from knitContinue reading “Ina Skirt Review”