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Flower Embroidered Formal Skirt – Potential to Powerful

On this remake, I started with a black skirt that had beautiful blue flowers embroidered on it that had a lot of potential, but was an uncomfortable length and didn’t stand out.  We found it at Goodwill for $2.50. I wanted a more formal skirt look for this one, and a floor length, so IContinue reading “Flower Embroidered Formal Skirt – Potential to Powerful”

Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz Dress – Hideous to Happening!

We had so much fun with today’s refashion!  We started with a denim mini by TILT that we found at a thrift shop named Shelly’s Boutique. We are very indebted to Shelly’s Boutique because she supported what we’re doing, and it happened to be an end of summer sale, so we picked up this little cutieContinue reading “Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz Dress – Hideous to Happening!”

Black & White Thrift Store Skirt Refashion – Pathetic to Purple Perfection

We picked up this little black & white floral number at a thrift store for $2.00.  It was cute on its own, but when Aria tried it on she felt it was rather pathetic!  See this post for a reminder on why she and her legs don’t like above-the-knee skirts!  But she loved the fit ofContinue reading “Black & White Thrift Store Skirt Refashion – Pathetic to Purple Perfection”

No Boundaries denim mini – Awful to Attractive!

Today’s skirt refashion was a learning process, but ended up so much better than expected!  We started with a plain No Boundaries denim mini.  This was actually the first mini refashion we did, so we’re reaching back a few months here, but just didn’t get around to posting it until today!  Back to the mini,Continue reading “No Boundaries denim mini – Awful to Attractive!”

Abercrombie Mini Skirt Makeover – Short to Shining

Today, we have a skirt refashion for you that will knock your socks off!  We found a super cute mini skirt by Abercrombie at Salvation Army for $2.00.  Can’t beat that!  The problem wasn’t the price or the fantastic details, it was the length.  When you are 6 feet tall with a 36″ inseam, yourContinue reading “Abercrombie Mini Skirt Makeover – Short to Shining”