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{Another} Jalie City Coat 2680 {or two…}

Do you remember the Jalie City Coat we sewed in olive green stretch twill?  Well, that coat has seen constant wear by me and Allegra and Aria.  So it was time to make one {or two} more. The only change we made from the last version was to remove 1/2″ width from the shoulders.  IContinue reading “{Another} Jalie City Coat 2680 {or two…}”

Basic Jalie Outfit #2680 & #2681

Maybe this doesn’t look so “basic” to you? Today we get to participate in a fun tour!  The Basically Jalie tour is full of basic inspiration and a fun sew along and of course lots of prizes.  We sewed a basic jacket and a not so basic skirt! For our first pattern, we chose theContinue reading “Basic Jalie Outfit #2680 & #2681”