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2 Pink Knit Dresses

The final garments in our Pink, Burgundy and Mustard capsule wardrobe are these 2 pink knit dresses. Our toddler wears these two all the time, and with a sweater and leggings, will continue wearing them into fall! The fabric for this dress was the only fabric I purchased especially for the capsule wardrobe. The restContinue reading “2 Pink Knit Dresses”

Striped Matching Girls Dresses

A while back I saw a friend of mine wearing a reverse stripe shirt.  Actually, I’m just calling it that…none of the Google search terms I entered brought up a shirt like the one she was wearing.  The body of the shirt was white with black stripes and the sleeves were black with white stripes. Continue reading “Striped Matching Girls Dresses”

Janie Dress & Hatteras Hoodie

It’s another Janie Dress for the baby, let’s just get that out of the way first thing!!  There are so many reasons we keep making this dress pattern…and one of the main ones is that she loves them so much! For this Janie Dress, we made the short sleeve circle skirt version.  We used someContinue reading “Janie Dress & Hatteras Hoodie”

Janie “Mountain Dress”

Today we get to share another Janie Dress with you.  Yes, we’re obsessed with this pattern!  This time we sewed it using French Terry fabric for a fall version.  We made just a few modifications, so stay tuned and we’ll give you all the details. The pattern we used is of course the Janie DressContinue reading “Janie “Mountain Dress””

Janie Dress and Dressage Leggings Outfit

Annie’s fall/winter wardrobe gained another piece!  She’s been watching rather enviously the parade of Janie Dresses I’ve been sewing for Baby Tina, and when I told her it was her turn, she requested this pattern!   Inspired by the week 1 theme at Project Run & Play, Kid Designed – Momma Sewn, I asked AnnieContinue reading “Janie Dress and Dressage Leggings Outfit”

Summer Capsule Wardrobe for a Girl Toddler

Cooler weather is upon us, and I realized that I never shared all of Baby’s summer capsule wardrobe!  We shared a couple of items with reviews, so today’s post is more about sharing the fabric and patterns used.  Well, okay, and lots of cute baby picture too! First up are the Janie Dresses I madeContinue reading “Summer Capsule Wardrobe for a Girl Toddler”

A Sweet, Sentimental Collar from Old Linens

Today I’ve got a sweet, sentimental collar story!  When a fabric is listed with the title “Robin’s Egg Blue” and that’s the exact color of your baby’s eyes, there’s no question as to whether or not you’re going to get that fabric!  And the icing on the cake is that this is some of theContinue reading “A Sweet, Sentimental Collar from Old Linens”

Janie Dress and Peplum

Today is our stop on the Project Run & Play Shop Grand Opening blog tour!  It’s an exciting day to be able to share not only these Janie dresses with you, but the whole Project Run & Play Shop.  This idea has been over a year in the making, and it’s so delightful to haveContinue reading “Janie Dress and Peplum”