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Star Wars T-shirt DIY {Kids Clothes Week Day 3}

Kids Clothes Week day 3 brings a new outfit for my 4 year old.  David has a dimple, a lisp, huge eyes with eyelashes a mile long, and other adorable eccentricities that make this mama’s heart swell!  I’m not one of those moms whose kid has a speech therapist, I always am a little sadContinue reading “Star Wars T-shirt DIY {Kids Clothes Week Day 3}”

O+S Raglan Tee for Kids Clothes Week Day 2

This week blog posts are going to be shorter because it’s Kids Clothes Week and that means sewing takes the stage, front and center! You might remember that last season of Kids Clothes Week we were contributors.  Yesterday our School Belle Skort was featured on the Kids Clothes Week blog. Today’s Kids Clothes Week sewContinue reading “O+S Raglan Tee for Kids Clothes Week Day 2”

Inkodye Sunprint T-shirts

The traveling theme of Kids Clothes Week inspired me to finally try something new that I’ve been wanting to for over a year!  I used the sun to print fabric! Inkodye projects have been catching my eye and I even bought a kit last year for the Project Run & Play theme, Make Your Own Fabric. Continue reading “Inkodye Sunprint T-shirts”

Reversible Fleece Hat Tutorial

Reversible Fleece Hat Tutorial: Start with a hat that fits well on the recipient.  Start with fleece, flannel or some equally soft material.  I used fleece and a fleece baby romper. Cut out 4 hat pieces, two that are shorter and two that are longer.  Use the existing hat for the width measurement plus aContinue reading “Reversible Fleece Hat Tutorial”