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3 Knight (Hoodies) To The Rescue

Having boys is so fun!  Our youngest boy, Lowell, has started to notice what his big brothers and Dad wear.  And so naturally, he noticed that both David and Thomas have Knight Hoodies and he didn’t.  This was easy to resolve…I just sewed him up one. I’ve reviewed the Knight Hoodie pattern when I made oneContinue reading “3 Knight (Hoodies) To The Rescue”

Birthday #3 {Project Sew It}

There’s something inspirational going on this year.  Celina of Petit a Petit and Family created Project Sew It.  You can read all about it here, but the basic premise is to sew one thing every month.  I’m putting my own twist on it by sewing one thing for each of my nieces and nephews for theirContinue reading “Birthday #3 {Project Sew It}”

Wavy Zipper Fix & Boy Knight

Today I’m going to tell you more about the boy look I sewed for my Starry Knights entry into Project Run & Play’s week 3 sew along for the theme All That Glitters. First of all, I think most entries will be girl looks, due to the nature of the sewing prompt.  So I challengedContinue reading “Wavy Zipper Fix & Boy Knight”

Starry Knights

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who had a faithful knight as her companion. Sometimes they did argue about things like who would get the last gummy bear or who got to ride the royal steed, but mostly they got along swimmingly. The knight protected the princess through many adventures. They bravedContinue reading “Starry Knights”

The Chess Skirt vs The Knight Hoodie

Today we are participating in Crafting Con’s Board Games theme competition.  There’s some pretty stiff competition (pun intended!) from the likes of Frances Suzanne and Stitched by Crystal.  Naturally, we had to make every move count before we found ourselves in check mate.  So we chose the game of chess.  The oldest game, played byContinue reading “The Chess Skirt vs The Knight Hoodie”