1 Romper Pattern 4 Ways {1 Year Old Boy Capsule Wardrobe}

Today we’re sharing the final pattern in our 1 Year Old Boy Capsule Wardrobe, the Polo Romper.  And we’re sharing how to make multiples of this so that it doesn’t appear boring. We created these using the Polo Romper pattern from Brindille and Twig.  We sewed a size 18 months for this big fellow! FabricsContinue reading “1 Romper Pattern 4 Ways {1 Year Old Boy Capsule Wardrobe}”

Coordinating Brother/Sister Outfits

Prepare yourself for some extreme cuteness!  Today I’m participating in the Project Run & Play Summer Hack-stravaganza tour.  It’s a fun event where the participants are challenged to take a pattern and use it to create a look by “Hacking” or changing a pattern to work to fit a vision, or to copy something like ready-to-wearContinue reading “Coordinating Brother/Sister Outfits”

Project Watercolor Beach: Coral Wrap Top, Dress & Skirt Pattern

I’m especially proud of the next pattern in the Project Watercolor Beach pattern collection the way a mother is proud of one of her children.  Because I designed it!  The Coral Wrap Top, Dress & Skirt pattern is such a fun pattern, and I sewed up SO many versions in testing!  So today I’ll justContinue reading “Project Watercolor Beach: Coral Wrap Top, Dress & Skirt Pattern”

Project Watercolor Beach: Chromium Cropped Hoodie Pattern

Remember the pink bunny coat?  Sad but true story, it accidentally got put through the dryer, and because it was sewn from a wool blanket, it shrunk.  Really, REALLY shrunk!  So Tina was promised another pink bunny garment.  Enter the Chromium Cropped Hoodie pattern from the Project Watercolor Beach collection by Project Run & Play!Continue reading “Project Watercolor Beach: Chromium Cropped Hoodie Pattern”

Project Watercolor Beach: Lemon Tee pattern

We sewed up 5 Lemon Tees from the Project Watercolor Beach collection!  Special thanks to Kalli June Photography for the beautiful photography. Find the Lemon Tee here in the Project Run & Play shop. Lemon Tee #1: Annie “needed” a fun summer tee, so we sewed her a basic version of the Lemon Tee.  WeContinue reading “Project Watercolor Beach: Lemon Tee pattern”

Jacky V T-shirt and Abby’s Ballerina Skirt reviews

Today we’re really excited to be joining the Project Run & Play new pattern tour.  Project Run & Play just added 20 (TWENTY!) new patterns to their shop, so be sure to check them all out while they’re on sale. We got to sew up two of these patterns, and they are both really good!Continue reading “Jacky V T-shirt and Abby’s Ballerina Skirt reviews”

DIY Graphic T-shirt tutorial

Yes, more graphic t-shirts.  And we’re not even going to apologize!  But it’s the final set for a while, so enjoy!  Today we’re over at Project Run & Play sharing a tutorial on how to create these pajama shirts using a Cricut Maker, Sport Flex Iron On, a Cricut BrightPad and a Cricut EasyPress. We used the Vitamin Zzz and IContinue reading “DIY Graphic T-shirt tutorial”

DIY Inky Graphic T-shirts

It looks like all I sew these day is graphic tees!  Oh well, they love them and they’re really easy to make.  Today I have a tutorial over at Project Run & Play on how to use Cricut Infusible Ink Markers to create these fun pajama shirts. I used the .jpg versions of the I’m OutContinue reading “DIY Inky Graphic T-shirts”

Valentines Day Graphic Tees

Star Wars, Yoda, Cactus, Deer, Princess Leia, and a Storm Trooper! I’m delighted to share with you five Valentines Day graphic tees I created. Three have a Star Wars theme, and the others are very fun too! All these t-shirt patterns are on flash sale at Project Run & Play, so be sure to popContinue reading “Valentines Day Graphic Tees”

Boy Pajama Party

Today we’re joining in the Pajama Party with Project Run & Play! It’s a super cute combination of fabrics, patterns, digital designs, and amazing pajama sewists! Plus everyone (EVERYONE) wins something for free. Go check it out. Sewing pajamas for these boys was the easy part…getting them to cooperate for photos was another matter. TheContinue reading “Boy Pajama Party”

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