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Copycat Anthropologie Skirt {Buy or DIY ~ Skirt}

Today we have another Buy or DIY skirt for you! This time we’re showing you how you can make a perfect skirt for holiday events on the cheap. Our skirt pick of the day is a lace skirt from Anthropologie. Copycat Anthropologie Skirt Details: Skirt: Anthropologie Lacy Pencil Skirt Fabric Recommendation: Emerald Green Metallic Lace Continue reading “Copycat Anthropologie Skirt {Buy or DIY ~ Skirt}”

Tilly Circle Skirt {All The Skirts: SLPco & Phat Quarters}

I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but oh Tilly!  This little twirly circle skirt is next in our All The Skirts series and is what brought me to Simple Life Pattern Company in the first place.  My thinking went like this, “What’s better than a circle skirt? A layered circle skirt!” The TillyContinue reading “Tilly Circle Skirt {All The Skirts: SLPco & Phat Quarters}”

Ellie Skirt Review

The next skirt in All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads and Raspberry Creek Fabrics delights and rewards the creator. When you make the Ellie skirt you will end up with a true tulle skirt. While you can add a tulle layer to many skirts (like we did yesterday) a true tulle skirt has layers andContinue reading “Ellie Skirt Review”

Skirt FACTSination – Fabric Series – Lace History – Skirt Costumes Theme Week!

Today is Skirt Factsination day, and to tie it in with Costume Week, we are doing another one of our fabric series; Lace History!  Lace is a fabric that is patterned with open holes, and is made by machine or hand. Lace-making can go back very far, but true lace, lace that is created whenContinue reading “Skirt FACTSination – Fabric Series – Lace History – Skirt Costumes Theme Week!”