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Summer Pajamas

This week I decided to make summer pajamas for some of my kids.  Two of my older boys decided they didn’t need Mom to sew them a new pair of “fun” summer pajamas, but the other 5 were interested.  I had ordered some fun fabric panels from Peekaboo Pattern Shop with summer pajamas in mind. Continue reading “Summer Pajamas”

Lane Raglans Round 3

Alrighty then!  I promised you another Lane Raglan sew/wear off, so today’s the day!  When I made my black new Lane Raglan from the new pattern I absolutely love, love, loved the new fit.  And apparently so did Allegra.  She tried it on and refused to take it off and return it to me untilContinue reading “Lane Raglans Round 3”

Black & White Refashion and the updated Lane Raglan

It’s been quite a while since I’ve sewn one of my favorite kind of skirt refashions for myself.  But I’m not sure why because they are so fast and easy and comfortable! Here’s what I started with: And by using my own tutorial, I made myself a new skirt!  I’m such a maxi skirt lover; it’s totallyContinue reading “Black & White Refashion and the updated Lane Raglan”

Lane Raglan Cardigan

I promised you a tutorial on how to turn the Lane Raglan pattern by Hey June Handmade into a cropped, 3/4 length sleeve, cardigan. It’s really quite easy, so let’s get started. First of all, you need to cut out your front pattern piece one size larger than you usually wear. The other thing youContinue reading “Lane Raglan Cardigan”

Girl At Piano {Living Skirt Art}

Your favorite skirt series is back today with a living interpretation of stunning painting by Vladimir Volegov.  After you have enjoyed our Living Skirt Art, be sure to visit Cassie at Little Lizard King this month’s guest contributor, and see which piece of skirt art Cassie chose to replicate.  You won’t be sorry you did! Continue reading “Girl At Piano {Living Skirt Art}”

New Year, New Hoodie

Two days ago we were recruited to play along with the Katy Perry New Year’s party going on over at Sewing Stadium.  I had never heard of or seen Katy Perry, so some frantic Google searching ensued.  I discovered Katy Perry is a colorful singer with a passion for fancy style.  Here’s my last minuteContinue reading “New Year, New Hoodie”

Pajama Pants (Sorry, no skirts today!)

Tis the season to make pajamas!  Last year I made pajama pants for (almost) all of my kids, and this year I decided to treat myself to some new pajamas. When you are a 6 foot tall woman, pajama pants that fit just don’t exist unless you’re willing to put forth some large amounts ofContinue reading “Pajama Pants (Sorry, no skirts today!)”

Lane Raglan Contest Round 2

It seems Allegra and I have a Lane Raglan contest every year!  Last year I sewed each of us Lane Raglans and we had an ongoing dual about who had the better one and who could wear which one on what day.  And in the end, she ended up wearing the blue one the most andContinue reading “Lane Raglan Contest Round 2”

McCartney Jacket Review

Would someone please take my Mom and Grandma out of the room for the remainder of this post?  Cause we’re about to get silly!  And while we’re waiting for them to get clear, go over to Project Run and Play and vote for our Bubble Inspired Look as there is only one day remaining toContinue reading “McCartney Jacket Review”

Lane Raglan by Hey June Pattern Review

Allegra and I have joined the throng of admirers of the Lane Raglan.  We snatched the pattern during the Black Friday $5 special, and couldn’t wait to make it our own.  Hey June patterns created the Lane Raglan tee, and we now want to try their other patterns, we love this one so much!  TheContinue reading “Lane Raglan by Hey June Pattern Review”