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Buy or DIY: Boys Abercrombie Colorblock T-shirt

It’s not very often my 15 year old son makes a sewing request.  But when he saw this Abercrombie colorblock t-shirt he asked if I could make one like it.  If you are interested in more about sewing for teen and tween boys, head over to Project Run & Play for their awesome Tween SceneContinue reading “Buy or DIY: Boys Abercrombie Colorblock T-shirt”

1 Year Old BOY Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s everything you need for a 1 year old BOY capsule wardrobe for summer months.  We sewed everything you see in this capsule…except for the 1 thing we refashioned, but that counts too, right? Today we’re sharing all the “ingredients” in the 1 year old BOY capsule wardrobe and then we’ll share modeled photos andContinue reading “1 Year Old BOY Capsule Wardrobe”

Project Watercolor Beach: Lemon Tee pattern

We sewed up 5 Lemon Tees from the Project Watercolor Beach collection!  Special thanks to Kalli June Photography for the beautiful photography. Find the Lemon Tee here in the Project Run & Play shop. Lemon Tee #1: Annie “needed” a fun summer tee, so we sewed her a basic version of the Lemon Tee.  WeContinue reading “Project Watercolor Beach: Lemon Tee pattern”