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Clotilde {Living Skirt Art}

For our final Living Skirt Art of 2016 we chose a painting that forecasts the future.  Be sure to visit the other Living Skirt Art piece of art by guest poster, Teri from FaSewLa, linked at the end of this post. This month, we chose Clotilde by Louis Paul Dessar.  He was interested in artContinue reading “Clotilde {Living Skirt Art}”

The Little Peasant Girl {Living Skirt Art}

It’s time for our very popular Living Skirt Art series.  Be sure to visit our TWO guests (sneak peeks at the end of this post) for their fabulous works of living skirt art!  You will feel like you are walking through an art gallery! When we first saw The Little Peasant Girl by Heinrich Hirt,Continue reading “The Little Peasant Girl {Living Skirt Art}”

Fashion Illustration by Kelly Smith {Living Skirt Art}

Today is the next installment in our Living Skirt Art Series!  It’s a crowd favorite, and we don’t like to disappoint you all, so…  Be sure to stick around to the end of the post for a sneak peak from Ajaire from Call Ajaire who is playing along with us this month. Only once before inContinue reading “Fashion Illustration by Kelly Smith {Living Skirt Art}”

Hanging Out Linen {Living Skirt Art}

Today everyone’s favorite skirt series, Living Skirt Art, is back for it’s monthly appearance.  We just love recreating works of art with a skirt in them.  What is SO VERY special about today’s Living Skirt Art installment is that we’ve got not one, but two special guest bloggers creating living skirt art with us!  StayContinue reading “Hanging Out Linen {Living Skirt Art}”

Days End {Living Skirt Art}

We seem to be on a streak of recreating modern art for our Living Art Series.  Today we have a beautiful painting by Sheri Dinardi called Days End. Also, Ana from Analog has recreated a painting.  Don’t miss the teaser photo of her beautiful recreation at the end of this post. Days End is an oil paintingContinue reading “Days End {Living Skirt Art}”

Her Favorite Place {Living Skirt Art}

Your favorite skirt series is back today with a living interpretation of beautiful painting by Daniel F. Gerhartz.  Usually we turn to the masters of long ago for inspiration for our Living Skirt Art series.  But today, our featured artist is still living.  Daniel F. Gerhartz was born in Wisconsin, where he lives with hisContinue reading “Her Favorite Place {Living Skirt Art}”

Best Friends {Living Skirt Art}

Your favorite skirt series is back today with a living interpretation of darling painting by Johann Wilhelm Schutze. After you have enjoyed our Living Skirt Art, be sure to visit Melissa at Rebel and Malice and Jessica at Lil Luxe Collection this month’s guest contributors, and see which pieces of skirt art they chose toContinue reading “Best Friends {Living Skirt Art}”

Autumn Leaves: Living Skirt Art

We have decided to post another Living Skirt Art number.  This series has become a favorite on Skirt Fixation! This one is called ‘Autumn Leaves’, and is by Marsh Lambert, a little-known 1930’s children’s book author and illustrator.  We used this particular illustration because it was a windy day and Annie had been playing outside,Continue reading “Autumn Leaves: Living Skirt Art”

The Playful Kitten: Living Skirt Art

It is so fun making the ‘replicas’ of art! We call it Living Skirt Art, and it’s kind of like doing art backward!  We have a Skirt Art board over on Pinterest where we keep a running collection of all kinds of art with a skirt in it.  It’s very inspirational. While searching through ourContinue reading “The Playful Kitten: Living Skirt Art”