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Molly VS Lottie {Skirt VS Skirt}

Today we are introducing you to two lovely young skirts. Here on the right, ladies and gentlemen, we have Molly, a sweet and timeless garment designed by Peekaboo Pattern Shop, (affiliate link) and on the left we have Lottie, a playful and humorous little skirt designed by Violette Field Threads. They have many things in common,Continue reading “Molly VS Lottie {Skirt VS Skirt}”

Lottie Skirt Review

The next skirt in our All The Skirts series with Violette Field Threads and Raspberry Creek Fabrics is the Lottie Suspender Skirt. Prepare yourself to step into a storybook world with the sweetest of skirts to take you there.  All photography by Allegra. The Lottie Skirt is a vintage inspired skirt with straps.  There areContinue reading “Lottie Skirt Review”