Boys Look from Nothing But (k)Net

Yesterday we got to share our Nothing But (k)Net look for the Project Run & Play week 1 sew along.  We summarized our boy look as follows: Boys outfits: Shirts pattern: Oliver + S Parachute Polo Shirt fabric: Mabel Madison (sold out, try this airplane fabric instead) Sweatpants pattern: Oliver + S Parachute Sweatpants Sweatpants fabric: SweatshirtContinue reading “Boys Look from Nothing But (k)Net”

O+S Raglan Tee for Kids Clothes Week Day 2

This week blog posts are going to be shorter because it’s Kids Clothes Week and that means sewing takes the stage, front and center! You might remember that last season of Kids Clothes Week we were contributors.  Yesterday our School Belle Skort was featured on the Kids Clothes Week blog. Today’s Kids Clothes Week sewContinue reading “O+S Raglan Tee for Kids Clothes Week Day 2”

Orchid Pattern Review

The second of the Clever Charlotte skirt patterns is the Orchid Pattern.  This skirt (and blouse) pattern delight, as usual!  The Mabel Madison corduroy we received for this pattern has such a vintage vibe to it, echoing the vintage feel of the Orchid pattern.  Let’s start our Orchid pattern review with the skirt! We receivedContinue reading “Orchid Pattern Review”

Chickadee Pattern Review

The Chickadee pattern from Clever Charlotte is simply adorable!  We sewed up both the top and the skirt patterns.  They make an awesome pair! We used corduroy fabric from Mabel Madison for the skirt, and let us reassure you, this is some amazing material to work with.  Soft and buttery, brightly colored, and warm. WeContinue reading “Chickadee Pattern Review”

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