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Pussy Bow Cheyenne Tunic & Fumeterre Skirt

This is the final outfit from my Make 9 2019 outfits.  And since it’s outfit #7 that means there are 2 that I didn’t complete.  More on those at the end of this post.  This outfit is a Pussy Bow Cheyenne Tunic and Fumeterre Skirt. This was the original plan: Top Pattern: Cheyenne Tunic byContinue reading “Pussy Bow Cheyenne Tunic & Fumeterre Skirt”

Flannel Shirt Fall Outfit

This week I’m determined to share the rest of my Make 9 outfits from 2019, and first up is this flannel shirt fall outfit.  Here are my original plans:   Top Pattern: Cheyenne Tunic by Hey June Patterns Top Fabric: Flannel shirting from Indie Sew Turtleneck Pattern: Nikko Top by True Bias Turtleneck Fabric: Rust rib knit from IndieContinue reading “Flannel Shirt Fall Outfit”

Make 9 Update #6

As the end of the year bears down on us, I’m trying to finish up and make record of my progress on my plans from the beginning of the year…also called my Make 9 (Outfits) goals. This time we sewed the gorgeous Cascade wrap skirt! This outfit changed slightly from my original plans. The planContinue reading “Make 9 Update #6”

Mustard Phoenix Blouse and Navy Pinstripe Skirt

I envisioned this outfit for the first time over 20 years ago! The details escape me now, but somewhere there was a navy pinstripe skirt and I fell in love. However, taking into consideration my 6′ height, the look I wanted was not achievable so the idea of a navy pinstripe skirt was filed awayContinue reading “Mustard Phoenix Blouse and Navy Pinstripe Skirt”

Kendrick Overalls Review

Today I’m sharing a 3rd outfit from my Make 9 (outfits) goal for 2019.  Again, this is a postpartum friendly outfit!  For this outfit, I took the opportunity to try a new-to-me style, overalls! Originally, this olive green stretch twill was going to be sewn into a Sandbridge Skirt.  But plans change, and this oneContinue reading “Kendrick Overalls Review”

Salida Skirt & Key Largo Top

Make 9 (outfits) update #2 My 2nd outfit from my Make 9 (Outfits) is complete!  I took advantage of the slow days prior to giving birth to work on some garments that would work well for early postpartum wear.  Just like my 1st complete Make 9 outfit, this one ended up with a change asContinue reading “Salida Skirt & Key Largo Top”

Make Nine Update #1

My 1st outfit from my Make 9 (Outfits) is complete!  I took the opportunity of an upcoming birth to make myself the most comfortable pajamas outfit for the postpartum days when I’ll be in bed recovering from giving birth.  In the past, I’ve never thought about a special outfit for this time, instead just grabbingContinue reading “Make Nine Update #1”