Me Made May Week 1

Just like last year, I’m participating in Me Made May.  As a refresher, Me Made May is an event where people who sew their clothes wear them for the month of May.  Everyone personalizes it to what works for them, and I’m doing the same.  This year I’m using the Me Made May event toContinue reading “Me Made May Week 1”

Me Made May 2016 Week 3

And here’s the recap of the third week of me taking daily flat lay photographs of my outfit for an event on Instagram called Me Made May. Saturday May 14: Sailor Top in Nani Iro details here & Jocole A-line Yoga skirt details here. Sunday May 15: Cambridge Cardigan details here & self-dyed Gabriola skirtContinue reading “Me Made May 2016 Week 3”

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