Day 3 Floral Radiograph Fabric Blog Tour & $50 Giveaway

Today’s stop on the Floral Radiograph Fabric blog tour is little old me.  Forgive me for sounding like a proud parent for a minute here, but I really love the black and white versions of the fabric I designed.  And I really love the colored versions too! It was excruciatingly painful to decide which colorContinue reading “Day 3 Floral Radiograph Fabric Blog Tour & $50 Giveaway”

Day 1 Floral Radiograph Fabric Blog Tour & $50 giveaway

Today I have a some very special things for you.  Do you remember the fabric I designed?  This week my fabric is going on tour to the blogs of some very special ladies.  You won’t want to miss a single day!  And at the end of this post there is a $50 fabric giveaway! When I sewed the EleenaContinue reading “Day 1 Floral Radiograph Fabric Blog Tour & $50 giveaway”

Friday Fabric Find Discount!

Due to the mail service not understanding how vital it is to deliver a package of fabric ON TIME, today’s All The Skirts post is delayed until Monday.  I hope! In the meantime, remember to use the discount code PHATSKIRTS for a 10% discount at Phat Quarters.  I know you need some of that newContinue reading “Friday Fabric Find Discount!”

Eleena Dress Review

Yesterday I rolled out my version of the Eleena Dress.  Today I have the privilege of participating in the Eleena Pattern blog tour.  My friend Olga, who designed this pattern, asked me to join the tour and I gladly said yes! The Eleena dress is a 1960s inspired A-line dress with an inverted pleat inContinue reading “Eleena Dress Review”

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