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Nautical Baby Quilt {My Sister’s Quilts #5}

This is the fifth entry in a series about baby quilts made by Aunt Sarah for her 15 nieces and nephews.  We talked her into sharing each one here on Skirt Fixation.  The next one in line is for Thomas, my fourth child.  I asked Sarah (who her nieces and nephews call Aunt Fess or Auntie Fessy)Continue reading “Nautical Baby Quilt {My Sister’s Quilts #5}”

Sailboat Skirt & Top Review

The Oliver + S Sailboat Skirt And Top pattern sums up poetry in skirt form!  This skirt was seriously so fun to put together that we’d sew up another one just for the pure joy of seeing it all come together.  You could probably make this skirt many, many times without getting tired of constructingContinue reading “Sailboat Skirt & Top Review”