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Camo Boys and Sweatpants

My two little boys are currently in their camo phase.  Do all boys go through a camo phase?  All my boys have!  If their camo clothes are clean, they refuse to wear anything else.  Scratch that, they wear their camo clothes when they’re dirty, wet, stained, ripped, dusty, ragged, holey and in any possible condition!Continue reading “Camo Boys and Sweatpants”

French Terry Pajamas

And we’re back!  In the next few weeks we get to reveal some really big projects we’ve been working on, and we’re so excited.  So stay tuned… Today we’re sharing some french terry pajamas!  Because there was quite a lot of pj time over the past few weeks with holidays, non-school days, and even someContinue reading “French Terry Pajamas”

Longihood Pattern Review (for boy & girl)

You may have noticed the Future Athlete outfit from our Sewing for Kindergarten post included the Longihood and we promised more details later.  Well, today we’ve got a full review of the Longihood pattern as well as a few more details about that Future Athlete look. Something neat is happening…Annika from Naeh Connection is makingContinue reading “Longihood Pattern Review (for boy & girl)”