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Modifying a dress to a peplum top

Today we’re over at CaliFabrics sharing all about our surprising love for this Earth Floral London Calling cotton lawn fabric.  Go check it out! But we wanted to share a little bit about how we modified the Apple Picking Dress pattern by Oliver+S into a peplum, just like we did last time we made this pattern forContinue reading “Modifying a dress to a peplum top”

Polina Peplum and French Terry Ila

We are so excited to be a part of the Coffee + Thread patterns blog tour.  As you might know, we love Olga’s patterns, and we’ve sewn up both the Antalya dress and the Elena dress before.  For the tour, we would have loved to sew either one of those 2 dresses again, but weContinue reading “Polina Peplum and French Terry Ila”

Oliver + S Apple-Picking Dress to Peplum

In the fall, we pick apples.  Lots and lots and lots of apples! Of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to sew up the Oliver + S Apple-Picking Dress pattern.  I picked up the Apple-Picking Dress for half price when I bought the Croquet Dress.  I didn’t know when I would sew it up, butContinue reading “Oliver + S Apple-Picking Dress to Peplum”