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Honeybee Senna Tote

Recently Aria entered her teenage years.  I’ve been sewing my children their birthday gifts for a while now (see what I made for Aria last year.)  Aria has been expressing admiration at both my Senna Tote and the miniature one I made for Annie’s Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection, so that is what I choseContinue reading “Honeybee Senna Tote”

Mini Senna Tote

The second to last piece in the Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection is the mini Senna Tote. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have time to complete it with all the other pieces I had planned. But Annie insisted. And part of the idea behind the mini wardrobe collection was child input, so…Continue reading “Mini Senna Tote”

Shopbop Copycat Skirt {Buy or DIY skirts}

Today we have another Buy or DIY skirt for you! We’ll be showing you an easy way to make an inexpensive knockoff of a high-end leather circle skirt.  Our skirt pick of the day is a leather circle skirt from Shopbop.  Here’s how you can achieve a $668 look for much, much less! Details: ShopbopContinue reading “Shopbop Copycat Skirt {Buy or DIY skirts}”