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Look What Escaped the Zoo! Project Run & Play Week 1 Challenge

The theme for the first week of Project Run & Play is “Put Me in the Zoo.”  They described this challenge as, “Take inspiration from your favorite (or your child’s favorite animal) and design and construct an outfit.  Remember to make it “inspired by” and not a literal costume.”  So I began by asking AnnieContinue reading “Look What Escaped the Zoo! Project Run & Play Week 1 Challenge”

Spring Break Beach Outfits

The second week theme challenge for Project Run and Play Season 9 is Spring Break.  This design is to center around your favorite (or dream) vacation spot.  It’s pretty much unanimous in this house that anywhere with an ocean and beach is the winning spring vacation spot!  So we started scheming about what we couldContinue reading “Spring Break Beach Outfits”

Girl’s Rain Jacket – When It Rains, It Pours!

A while back I was at a fabric store getting buttons to go on Annie’s leather coat, when I had one of THOSE moments.  (Or am I the only one this happens to?)  I was innocently standing in the checkout line with a package of large white buttons in my hand when this bolt ofContinue reading “Girl’s Rain Jacket – When It Rains, It Pours!”

Josephine Blouse Design Details

We promised to tell you all about the design details and process as we made the Josephine blouse.  (Voting is still open, so please click through and vote for us!)  If you didn’t get a chance to see the beginning pattern, here is a picture. As we mentioned in our previous post, our favorite aspectsContinue reading “Josephine Blouse Design Details”

Girl’s Josephine Blouse and Dress Modified Outfit

We are so pleased to present you our version of the Josephine blouse pattern by Violet Fields Threads. We started with the Josephine blouse and dress pattern because we were inspired by Frances & Suzanne’s Flip this Pattern contest.  The contestants are sewing some amazing creations, and we wanted to sew along.  The things weContinue reading “Girl’s Josephine Blouse and Dress Modified Outfit”

Child’s Leather Jacket Made from a Leather Skirt!

Today, we have a very fun refashion for you.  We spent all last week thinking about what we were going to do for our week three submission to Project Run & Play.  We tossed ideas around, browsed thrift stores for inspiration, and looked through our stash.  You see the theme is “The Refashion Challenge” andContinue reading “Child’s Leather Jacket Made from a Leather Skirt!”