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Llama Queen Outfit

Today we’re sharing an outfit Annie has been wearing all spring and summer!  Better late than never when it’s a llama queen outfit, right?   Back when we sewed up some of the other fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabric’s spring CLUB line, we fell in love with this llama print too.  They’re so, well, llama-ishContinue reading “Llama Queen Outfit”

Double Circle Maxi Skirt for Summer

As I mentioned yesterday, I ordered another summer fabric from the Summer CLUB fabric line at Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  It’s called bubble stripe and I got the version on rayon challis.  (It also comes on jersey knit or french terry.)  This rayon challis is very easy to work with and doesn’t shift and move whileContinue reading “Double Circle Maxi Skirt for Summer”

Knit Summer Dresses for my Girls

It’s begun.  Summer temperatures have arrived, and with it, the requests for summer clothes.  For my younger girls, this means knit fabric, light colors, and breezy silhouettes.  Two knit summer dresses coming right up!   One of Annie’s favorite dresses from last summer is the Ila Dress I sewed for her from french terry fabric.  SheContinue reading “Knit Summer Dresses for my Girls”

Board Shorts Fabric in Action

Even though I developed a swimsuit pattern for women, I had never sewn with board shorts fabric before.  Board shorts fabric is what men and boy’s swim trunks are made from.  It’s a woven material with no stretch, and slightly sueded on one side.   Since my boys needed new trunks, I decided to give itContinue reading “Board Shorts Fabric in Action”

Bubbles and Stripes – A Grace Tankini

Today I get to share all the details about my newest Grace Tankini.  You can get the Grace Tankini pattern here. The reason this Grace Tankini came into being is the amazing new swim fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  You can see all of them here if you’re in a hurry, or check them outContinue reading “Bubbles and Stripes – A Grace Tankini”

Patriotic Fabric Parade

This year I found the perfect patriotic fabric for a special occasion.  Raspberry Creek Fabrics has a new patriotic line of fabric, and I’m in love!  I got 2 of the 8 fabrics, both cotton jersey knits.  They are soft and durable, and last through all the antics my kids put them through. These patrioticContinue reading “Patriotic Fabric Parade”

Stripes and Flowers Girl’s Maxi Dress

Ah the maxi dress! Annie loves them, and I love sewing them for her. A maxi dress on a young girl is such a statement piece. And with fabric as bold as we used for this one, it’s no wonder she’s been wearing it every chance she gets. For this maxi dress we used theContinue reading “Stripes and Flowers Girl’s Maxi Dress”

Lion Hoodie from Narnia

You may have noticed the other day when I posted the French Terry fabric comparison that a certain little boy got left out in the animal hoodie theme.  When I saw Raspberry Creek Fabrics spring release CLUB fabrics, I saw the perfect opportunity to rectify a situation which included a very upset little boy.  EnterContinue reading “Lion Hoodie from Narnia”