Maternity Jacket Refashion

For several pregnancies now, I’ve had a terrible secret!  Each of these pregnancies were in the winter, but I didn’t have a maternity jacket.  Well, I had one, but it didn’t fit my tall frame and mostly my long arms.  I decided it was just better to be cold than to fight with sleeves thatContinue reading “Maternity Jacket Refashion”

Knit Skirt to T-Shirt Refashion

Today’s quick and easy tutorial walks you through the steps of turning that skirt you no longer wear into a t-shirt you’ll never stop wearing!  The best part?  No hemming!  Let’s make that skirt to t-shirt happen: Here is the knit maxi skirt I started with.  It’s a cotton/modal/spandex knit blend with some fun stripesContinue reading “Knit Skirt to T-Shirt Refashion”

Button Up to Baby Dress {Handmade Baby}

One thing we want to highlight in the course of our Handmade Baby series is how easy it is to refashion for a baby!  You can use larger garments as (pre-sewn) fabric, and still take advantage of some of their existing elements.  Today’s post is a perfect example of refashioning clothes for a baby. Mr.Continue reading “Button Up to Baby Dress {Handmade Baby}”

Sweater Refashion to Coat

I’ve got one other garment from our Signature Style look that I want to tell you about in detail.  There were so many items I made for that look, maybe you can put up with another blog post. The coat I made for Baby is actually a sweater refashion.  I was on the fence forContinue reading “Sweater Refashion to Coat”

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