Savvy Noggins Shop Launch & Sale Code

Remember when we promised we’d tell you what’s been keeping us busy?  Well today we’re spilling the beans.  We’ve launched Savvy Noggins!  It’s “Millinery for the Fashion-Conscious Baby” or just plain fun baby bonnets! Every one of our darling bonnets are reversible and have ears that reverse to the other side too!  There are 6Continue reading “Savvy Noggins Shop Launch & Sale Code”

Reversible Gemma Blouse Tutorial

Today I have a reversible Gemma Blouse tutorial.  Yesterday I showed you the first Gemma Blouse and Skirt pattern I made, and promised you a tutorial on how to make it reversible.  First the tutorial, then more about this particular Gemma Blouse and Skirt. The Gemma Blouse and Skirt is a Violette Field Threads pattern.Continue reading “Reversible Gemma Blouse Tutorial”

Reversible Fleece Jacket

The time arrived to sew something for the horse loving boy again!  This time we found the perfect fleece at Hancock fabrics and paired with a black twill from the stash, it was time for another reversible jacket.  You can read our review of the Which Way Out Jacket here.  This time we sewed upContinue reading “Reversible Fleece Jacket”

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