Partial to Full Button Placket Tutorial

Today we have a tutorial for you for adding a full button placket and collar to the Thyme Shirt pattern.  This would work for any partial popover shirt pattern with a mandarin collar. In these photos you see a Thyme Shirt made using Art Gallery Fabrics Canary cotton fabric.  Full button placket tutorial Step 1: CutContinue reading “Partial to Full Button Placket Tutorial”

1 Year Old BOY Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s everything you need for a 1 year old BOY capsule wardrobe for summer months.  We sewed everything you see in this capsule…except for the 1 thing we refashioned, but that counts too, right? Today we’re sharing all the “ingredients” in the 1 year old BOY capsule wardrobe and then we’ll share modeled photos andContinue reading “1 Year Old BOY Capsule Wardrobe”

Coordinating Brother/Sister Outfits

Prepare yourself for some extreme cuteness!  Today I’m participating in the Project Run & Play Summer Hack-stravaganza tour.  It’s a fun event where the participants are challenged to take a pattern and use it to create a look by “Hacking” or changing a pattern to work to fit a vision, or to copy something like ready-to-wearContinue reading “Coordinating Brother/Sister Outfits”

My Rosemary & Thyme Shirts

Now it’s time for me to share some of the Rosemary & Thyme shirts I sewed! In developing these patterns for the Project Farmer’s Market capsule wardrobe collection, I had to sew up quite a few samples to check fit and so on.  Luckily I have kids in many of the sizes I needed checkedContinue reading “My Rosemary & Thyme Shirts”

D’Anjou Dress from Project Farmer’s Market

Last week we showed you the Rosemary & Thyme Shirts pattern we contributed to the Project Farmer’s Market capsule wardrobe collection. Today we’re going to begin sharing some of the other patterns we sewed from the collection, starting with the D’Anjou Dress. The D’anjou Dress is part of the Project Farmer’s Market capsule wardrobe collection. Continue reading “D’Anjou Dress from Project Farmer’s Market”

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