12 DIY Backpacks for BOYS!

This week is Kids Clothes Week where lots of people sew clothes for their kids!  Since ALL the sewing I’m doing this week for kids is secret sewing that I can’t share on the blog yet, I thought I’d bring home some posts we’ve published elsewhere.  That way I can sew to my heart’s content!Continue reading “12 DIY Backpacks for BOYS!”

10 Classy Ways to use Fabric Scraps

Today I’m bringing you the first in a new series on classy things to create with leftover scraps.  Sometimes you have fabric that is so special for one reason or another that you can’t bear to throw away the scraps.  For the purpose of this series, we’re going to call scraps anything smaller than aContinue reading “10 Classy Ways to use Fabric Scraps”

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