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Mustard Phoenix Blouse and Navy Pinstripe Skirt

I envisioned this outfit for the first time over 20 years ago! The details escape me now, but somewhere there was a navy pinstripe skirt and I fell in love. However, taking into consideration my 6′ height, the look I wanted was not achievable so the idea of a navy pinstripe skirt was filed awayContinue reading “Mustard Phoenix Blouse and Navy Pinstripe Skirt”

The Summer of the Phoenix Blouse {part 2}

A while back, I promised this was going to be the summer of the Phoenix Blouse.  So it’s about time for another post about the Phoenix Blouse, don’t you think?  Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it with 2 posts about it this week, okay? When Aria saw the Phoenix Blouse I sewed for myself,Continue reading “The Summer of the Phoenix Blouse {part 2}”

Me Made May 2018 Week 3

Over on Instagram (follow us here!) we are participating in Me Made May.  For this event, sewists all around the world wear the clothes they made themselves and share it.  Here is what I’ve been wearing. Shirt: Union St. Tee by Hey June Patterns in double brushed poly fabric from CaliFabrics reviewed here. Skirt: SandbridgeContinue reading “Me Made May 2018 Week 3”

Fancy Sweatshirt & Woven Runway Skirt

Have you seen the fancy sweatshirt trend?  Or maybe you’ve heard it called the dressed up sweatshirt?  Well, I’m official on that train.  Today I’m over at CaliFabrics sharing all about the fabrics used in this post, and why I’m loving the fancy sweatshirt trend. The pattern I used to make my fancy sweatshirt isContinue reading “Fancy Sweatshirt & Woven Runway Skirt”

Blithe Fabrics Blog Tour

Thanks for stopping by today on the Blithe Fabrics Blog Tour.  If you‘ve been around here before, you know how much we love Art Gallery Fabrics for their superior quality and amazing designs.  Blithe Fabrics are designed by Katarina Rocella, and like her other lines, we are absolutely in love with this newest line.  (BeContinue reading “Blithe Fabrics Blog Tour”

Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 5

Today is the last official day of the Runway Skirt blog tour.  Hasn’t it been amazing?  And today we have 3 ladies finishing off the tour with a bang!  It’s the final few days to enter the giveaway (find it at the end of this post.) First up is Annie from Enantiomerproject.  She’s a scientistContinue reading “Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 5”

Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 4

I am so excited about today’s stops on the Runway Skirt blog tour!  You can find the giveaway at the end of this post. First up we have Scary from Shaffer Sisters.  I absolutely adore the Shaffer Sisters blog and can’t wait to see more of Scary’s Runway Skirt.  Click on the picture to seeContinue reading “Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 4”

Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 3

Walking down the catwalk today in the Runway Skirt we have 2 beautiful guests.   Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post. Melissa, from Rebel and Malice, sized down her Runway Skirt several sizes for extra ooh-la-la factor!  She made a midi version, and I just love the combination of fabricsContinue reading “Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 3”

Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 2

Are you ready for some more fabulous Runway Skirts?  Prepare yourself to be amazed! First up we have Ajaire from Call Ajaire.  Ajaire is a fellow pattern designer, and I’m honored she agreed to be a part of this tour.  I can’t wait to see more details of the back of that Runway Skirt!  ClickContinue reading “Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 2”

Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 1

Something very special is happening this week.  A whole bunch of incredible seamstresses are sewing up my new pattern, the Runway Skirt, and showing them off!  Also, there’s a great giveaway, of course!  And a sale.  So prepare yourself for an amazing show. Alright, let’s get started:  Today we have Victoria from Very Blissful Blog.  Victoria wasContinue reading “Runway Skirt Blog Tour Day 1”