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Canvas Sandbridge Skirt & Textured Granville Shirt

For the 1st time in quite a few years, we’re not making Make 9 plans. Oh we’re still making lots of sewing plans, but have found that the Make 9 model doesn’t fit our flow as well this year. However, you can still expect lots of sewing posts, some plan din advance and some spontaneous!Continue reading “Canvas Sandbridge Skirt & Textured Granville Shirt”

Sandbridge Maxi Skirt in brown twill

The Sandbridge Skirt is one of our favorite skirt patterns.  It enables us to sew many of the skirts we wear on a daily basis.  We wear both the Sandbridge Skirt in it’s original design, and we’ve hacked it into a Sandbridge maxi skirt several times.  Which brings us to today’s post. You can seeContinue reading “Sandbridge Maxi Skirt in brown twill”

Sandbryce Skirt

Meet my new favorite summer outfit.  This is the mash up of 2 patterns, the Sandbridge Skirt and the Bryce Cargos.  I’m calling it the Sandbryce Skirt.  I’ve been on a hunt for a good cargo skirt pattern, and finally decided to take matters into my own hands.  I ended up with a skirt I’mContinue reading “Sandbryce Skirt”

Denim Details – Ways to make your garment special!

And now, Day 4 of Denim Week, we get to probably our favorite part of sewing a denim garment…details!  If you’ve taken the time and effort to sew a detailed denim garment, you should absolutely make it special by adding some unique denim details.  We’ve found 7 different areas to add denim details to yourContinue reading “Denim Details – Ways to make your garment special!”

Denim Week Introduction

Welcome to Denim Week!  This is a super fun week where we’re going to cover everything to do with denim.  There’s a giveaway, discounts, inspiration, tutorials and much more!  Denim Week Schedule Monday, June 25: Denim Introduction Tuesday, June 26: Denim fabric and supplies Wednesday, June 27: Denim patterns and tutorials Thursday, June 28: DenimContinue reading “Denim Week Introduction”

Corduroy Sandbridge Skirt and Baby Dress

Today we’ve got a fun post for you about some of our fabric fabrics and patterns.  Corduroy was one of the first fabrics I fell in love with when I first started sewing, and all these years later, I’m still in love and sewing with it often!  We’re going to share pattern details here, soContinue reading “Corduroy Sandbridge Skirt and Baby Dress”

Sandbridge Skirt & Trevi Top Outfit

The Sandbridge Skirt is basically a dream skirt come true!  Several Indie designers have produced patterns for sewing your own jeans, but this is the first one we’ve found for a denim skirt.  And because it’s from one of our favorite pattern companies, Hey June Patterns, we’re totally enthralled. The Sandbridge Skirt has all theContinue reading “Sandbridge Skirt & Trevi Top Outfit”

Red Buy or DIY Denim Skirt

It’s time for another Buy or DIY skirt!  When Hey June Patterns released a denim skirt pattern, we were so excited!  We’ve already sewn our first Sandbridge Skirt, and we’ll be sharing and reviewing it soon, but today we’re going to show you how much you can save with a DIY denim skirt for less!Continue reading “Red Buy or DIY Denim Skirt”