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A Monet Inspired Dress

Today we offer you beauty. Spring births beauty.  And we needed a little beauty. Sometimes life is harsh and cold, like winter. But spring always comes, and hurts are forgiven and forgotten. New life, new hope, new beauty. Spring. This dress was inspired by the Top Stitcher’s Art Gallery prompt. We already entered our SennaContinue reading “A Monet Inspired Dress”

Uptown Downtown Dress Review

We are delighted to be part of Sew Straight & Gather’s Uptown/Downtown Dress blog tour.  Terri was one of our Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition contestants.  The Uptown/Downtown Dress with the free Expansion pack can be described in one word: perfection!  When we saw Terri unfolding the free expansion pack day by day, we commentedContinue reading “Uptown Downtown Dress Review”

Etage Dress Review from Hand-Me-Downs!

We had the honor of testing the Etage Top and Dress for Terri of Sew Straight and Gather.  And entirely by accident, we had to use hand-me-downs for the fabric, thus qualifying for the week 2 theme over at Project Run & Play: “The Hand-Me-Down Makeover.”  Here’s the totally by accident part…the Etage top and dressContinue reading “Etage Dress Review from Hand-Me-Downs!”