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Polar Bear Raglan T-shirts

If you guessed that I’m on a stash-busting, raglan t-shirt making, boy sewing streak, you’d be correct! So once again, I pulled out the Oliver+S Field Trip Raglan T-shirt pattern and got to work. Enter two polar bear raglan t-shirts. This time, there was just enough of the Birch Organics, super soft cotton knit fabricContinue reading “Polar Bear Raglan T-shirts”

Lion Hoodie from Narnia

You may have noticed the other day when I posted the French Terry fabric comparison that a certain little boy got left out in the animal hoodie theme.  When I saw Raspberry Creek Fabrics spring release CLUB fabrics, I saw the perfect opportunity to rectify a situation which included a very upset little boy.  EnterContinue reading “Lion Hoodie from Narnia”

Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices

Today we’re going to share some things we’ve learned about sewing for tweens.  We’re going to focus on pattern choices; what’s available, what they’ll wear!  You can also check out our thoughts on fabric choices over at the Cali Fabrics blog, later next week. We’re joining the Growing Up Handmade blog tour.  It’s all aboutContinue reading “Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices”

Fiesta Fun, Fun, Fun!

Today we get to show you all the fun we’ve had with Fiesta Fun fabrics.  Put on some sunglasses and prepare yourselves for the party! Recently we got the exciting privilege of using some Fiesta Fun fabric designed by Dana Willard of Made Everyday for Art Gallery Fabrics.  Today is our stop on the FiestaContinue reading “Fiesta Fun, Fun, Fun!”

3 Knight (Hoodies) To The Rescue

Having boys is so fun!  Our youngest boy, Lowell, has started to notice what his big brothers and Dad wear.  And so naturally, he noticed that both David and Thomas have Knight Hoodies and he didn’t.  This was easy to resolve…I just sewed him up one. I’ve reviewed the Knight Hoodie pattern when I made oneContinue reading “3 Knight (Hoodies) To The Rescue”

My First Jeans {Sewing for Boys}

I. DID. IT.  When I started on my sewing adventure, sewing jeans for my boys I was certain I would never be able to sew jeans for my boys.  In fact, it never even crossed my mind, it was such an unattainable goal.  But then I started seeing more and more people in the sewingContinue reading “My First Jeans {Sewing for Boys}”

Lumberjack Shirt

When my oldest son chose the backing for his denim quilt, his younger brother got a case of jealousy.  He informed me that he’d ALWAYS wanted a plaid lumberjack shirt in just exactly those colors.  Well, he lucked out because there was enough fabric leftover from the edges of the denim quilt backing to makeContinue reading “Lumberjack Shirt”

Future Dreamer Pajamas {Sewing for Kindergarten}

The final outfit from our Sewing For Kindergarten mini wardrobe is these pajamas.  I’m not sure why a simple pair of pajamas was so fun to make, but this ended up being one of my favorite pieces from the wardrobe.  This outfit was actually the fastest sew of the whole group.  Maybe it was becauseContinue reading “Future Dreamer Pajamas {Sewing for Kindergarten}”

Where the Wild Things Play {Twig & Tale Blog Tour}

Sometimes you get to be part of something that is just plain fun!  That’s what today’s sewing is about…Where The Wild Things Play.  Warning: it’s a picture heavy post, but I think you’ll see why.  And if you make it to the end, reward yourself by entering the giveaway! Recently an Indie sewing company decidedContinue reading “Where the Wild Things Play {Twig & Tale Blog Tour}”

Bethiouas for Everyone!

I’ve been on a mission to sew everyone sweaters for fall.  And I’m getting pretty close!  First I sewed one for myself, then I made David one as part of his Future Explorer look for Sewing For Kindergarten.  I used leftover Beckery Cable Knit Fabric from my cardigan to make his, but a different pattern.Continue reading “Bethiouas for Everyone!”