Boy PJs for (almost) FREE!

The other day I was at JoAnn Fabrics because I had a little time to spare.  (What, don’t you spend your spare time there?)  I needed a couple of zippers and some elastic, so had a good reason/excuse to be there. On my way to the zippers I spotted a sign that read 70% off. Continue reading “Boy PJs for (almost) FREE!”

Matching Polo Shirts {KCW Day 4}

My final sewing for Kids Clothes Week was for my two youngest boys.  Well, I actually did some more secret kids sewing, but I can’t blog about it just yet! I’ve made these two boys Oliver+S Parachute polo shirts in coordinating fabrics before, and they have worn them to death.  But I wanted to makeContinue reading “Matching Polo Shirts {KCW Day 4}”

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