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Future Dreamer Pajamas {Sewing for Kindergarten}

The final outfit from our Sewing For Kindergarten mini wardrobe is these pajamas.  I’m not sure why a simple pair of pajamas was so fun to make, but this ended up being one of my favorite pieces from the wardrobe.  This outfit was actually the fastest sew of the whole group.  Maybe it was becauseContinue reading “Future Dreamer Pajamas {Sewing for Kindergarten}”

Bethiouas for Everyone!

I’ve been on a mission to sew everyone sweaters for fall.  And I’m getting pretty close!  First I sewed one for myself, then I made David one as part of his Future Explorer look for Sewing For Kindergarten.  I used leftover Beckery Cable Knit Fabric from my cardigan to make his, but a different pattern.Continue reading “Bethiouas for Everyone!”

Future Professional {Boy’s Mini Wardrobe}

Last week I shared the “Reach for the Stars” mini wardrobe I sewed for my son who is starting his kindergarten studies.  I promised to share more about each look, and today I’m expanding on the Future Professional look. This was such a fun look to create, and also useful because David needed these clothes! Continue reading “Future Professional {Boy’s Mini Wardrobe}”

Reach For The Stars {Sewing for Kindergarten}

Today I have the absolute honor of being a part of Mie from Sewing Like Mad’s Sewing For Kindergarten series.  I may or may not have begged Mie to let me be a part of this series!  It’s a phenomenal series, and you can spend a lot of time looking through the past years posts.Continue reading “Reach For The Stars {Sewing for Kindergarten}”