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Gemma Skirt & Blouse Review

The Gemma Skirt and Blouse pattern is the next skirt pattern in our series All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  The pattern is described as a sweet collared blouse and circle skirt set, and that just about sums it up! The Gemma Skirt and Blouse pattern comes in 7 sizes fromContinue reading “Gemma Skirt & Blouse Review”

Skirt FACTsination – Fabric Series – Silk History

For this week’s Skirt Factsination post, I decided to research the history of silk. Silk is a gorgeous fabric, with the history founded in Ancient China. Silk history is about as sumptuous as the fabric itself!  The legend goes that the Empress Leizu, who was only fourteen and the wife of the Yellow Emperor, wasContinue reading “Skirt FACTsination – Fabric Series – Silk History”