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Baby Circle Skirts

I apologize in advance if today’s post makes you want a baby!  Recently my brother and his wife gifted me with a niece had a baby girl!  So I did the only logical thing an aunt could do and sewed up some tiny baby girl clothes. I started with the Spunky Girl Skater skirt pattern byContinue reading “Baby Circle Skirts”

Fairy Tale Dress {Modern Chloris Mini Wardrobe Collection}

The final piece in our Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection is the Oliver+S Fairy Tale Dress.  This dress is truly a labor of love.  It is not a fast sew, but all the details and little thoughtful elements make it a special occasion dress. We made the Fairy Tale Dress for the third and finalContinue reading “Fairy Tale Dress {Modern Chloris Mini Wardrobe Collection}”

Mini Senna Tote

The second to last piece in the Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection is the mini Senna Tote. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have time to complete it with all the other pieces I had planned. But Annie insisted. And part of the idea behind the mini wardrobe collection was child input, so…Continue reading “Mini Senna Tote”

Charming Tee & Dress Pattern Review

The final piece of clothing from the Flower Market look in our Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection is the Charming Tee.  Like the Slim Trouser leggings we were reviewing yesterday, our version of the Charming Tee is a foundation piece.  After all, not every piece of clothing can be an explosion of floral!  (Although youContinue reading “Charming Tee & Dress Pattern Review”

Skipalong Skort Pattern Review

The next skirt in this edition of All The Skirts is the Skipalong Skort.  I know I probably say this every time, but this is Annie’s new favorite skirt!  She loves so much about it. The Skipalong Skort, by Peekaboo Pattern Shop comes in 13 different sizes from 3 months to 12 years.  Good thing,Continue reading “Skipalong Skort Pattern Review”

Modern Chloris {Sew ‘n Style Lil Luxe Mini Collection}

Modern Chloris Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved flowers, lace, pretty hairstyles, and everything dainty. She had never heard of the ancient Greek nymph Chloris, who was associated with spring, flowers, and new growth, but if she had, she would have had an instant bond with her. Ovid wrote ofContinue reading “Modern Chloris {Sew ‘n Style Lil Luxe Mini Collection}”