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Sweet Valentine Exchange 2017

For posterity, I thought I’d add a little post here sharing another Instagram swap I participated in.  (You can follow us on Instagram here.) The Sweet Valentine Exchange or SVE is a swap happening in February on Instagram.  Like all swaps, you are assigned a secret partner and someone is assigned to you.  You knowContinue reading “Sweet Valentine Exchange 2017”

Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

Love the quilt you see in this post?  Now you can custom order one for yourself or someone special in our Etsy Shop! I did it again!  I participated in another mini quilt swap on Instagram, and I’m here to show you the results.  If you’ve not heard of them before, a mini quilt swapContinue reading “Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap”

Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap (Part 2)

Let’s talk about the Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap.  Again, you say?  Yes, we already posted about the mini quilt we made for our secret partner for this swap on Instagram.  But then the call came for swap angels.  A swap angel is someone who steps in and makes a mini quilt for someoneContinue reading “Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap (Part 2)”

Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap

We participated in another Instagram swap called the Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap.  For this swap, everyone was required to make a mini quilt, defined as a quilt with the sides measuring between 18 and 24 inches.  We’ve made quilts before, and have several in progress, but this was a first on making aContinue reading “Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap”