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Lace Skirt to Trevi Top Refashion

In my last post I promised a full review on how I refashioned a lace skirt into the Trevi Top. First of all, here’s the skirt I started with.  It’s lace (crocheted maybe?) and very pretty, but not super flattering to my figure, not long enough, and not really me as is.  So of courseContinue reading “Lace Skirt to Trevi Top Refashion”

Sandbridge Skirt & Trevi Top Outfit

The Sandbridge Skirt is basically a dream skirt come true!  Several Indie designers have produced patterns for sewing your own jeans, but this is the first one we’ve found for a denim skirt.  And because it’s from one of our favorite pattern companies, Hey June Patterns, we’re totally enthralled. The Sandbridge Skirt has all theContinue reading “Sandbridge Skirt & Trevi Top Outfit”