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Valentines Day Skirt Alert

We know you might have been searching for that perfect Valentines Day skirt, and also we know that all of our readers don’t sew, so we’ve rounded up a few skirts you might want to consider purchasing for that special day. First up we have an inexpensive Valentines Day skirt you can get from good old Amazon!Continue reading “Valentines Day Skirt Alert”

Tulle Anthropologie Knockoff Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirt}

You’ll never believe what I found in the skirt section at Anthropologie! A tulle midi skirt almost exactly like we just made. So it’s time for the next skirt hack in our Buy or DIY skirt series! Today it’s another Anthropologie knock off skirt. BUY or DIY Skirt Details: Anthropologie Tulle Midi Skirt $168 FabricContinue reading “Tulle Anthropologie Knockoff Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirt}”

Estelle Skirt Review

The next skirt in for All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads & Raspberry Creek Fabrics is the Estelle Skirt.  This skirt is an A-line Tulle skirt which is an important little detail.  A full, fluffy tulle skirt like the Ellie Skirt we made looks so cute and tutu like on a little girl, but unlessContinue reading “Estelle Skirt Review”

Ellie Skirt Review

The next skirt in All The Skirts: Violette Field Threads and Raspberry Creek Fabrics delights and rewards the creator. When you make the Ellie skirt you will end up with a true tulle skirt. While you can add a tulle layer to many skirts (like we did yesterday) a true tulle skirt has layers andContinue reading “Ellie Skirt Review”

ChildrenSalon Copycat Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirts}

Today is our first Buy or DIY post featuring a GIRL’S SKIRT! We’ll show you how to make a professional-looking tulle skirt for a less expensive price. Our skirt pick is a tulle and woven skirt from ChildrenSalon. Here’s the way to make your $225.29 skirt for much less. Details: ChildrenSalon skirt: The Simonetta BlueContinue reading “ChildrenSalon Copycat Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirts}”

Knock It Off Tulle Skirt

Today we’re participating in Heidi from Elegance and Elephants Knock It Off series.  What is that all about?  It’s basically why a lot of people sew.  We see something we like, and want to copy it without breaking the bank.  There have been some really beautiful Knock It Off creations over at Elegance and Elephants,Continue reading “Knock It Off Tulle Skirt”

Tulle History – Fabric Series – Skirt FACTsination

For this week’s Skirt Factsination post, we continue our series with Fabric: Tulle! Tulle is a lightweight, extremely fine netting that is made of various fibers. Tulle is most well known for being used in ballerina’s tutus. It is also used for petticoats, wedding dresses, and other things. It is used in veils because itContinue reading “Tulle History – Fabric Series – Skirt FACTsination”