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Perfectly Preppy Skirt Review

It’s Friday!  So we have an All The Skirts: Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats skirt for you! Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this post to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win Sis Boom patterns and Imagine Gnats fabric for yourself. This skirt is another combination to delightContinue reading “Perfectly Preppy Skirt Review”

Make a Vest from a Shirt Tutorial

If you are coming over from Sew Cool For the Tween Scene, Hi and welcome!  Today we have a vest tutorial for everyone.  We promised to show you how we modified the Ethan Shirt from Sis Boom patterns to make the vest Thomas is wearing with his Ethan Shirt.  This could be done with anyContinue reading “Make a Vest from a Shirt Tutorial”

The Mara Blouse

During the month of July, we hosted Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition.  It was so very much fun and we had so much enjoyment watching all the contestants create things from fabric they swapped and rewarding them for their efforts too!  Even though we weren’t blogging about what we were doing, we weren’t idol!  So duringContinue reading “The Mara Blouse”