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2 Pink Knit Dresses

The final garments in our Pink, Burgundy and Mustard capsule wardrobe are these 2 pink knit dresses. Our toddler wears these two all the time, and with a sweater and leggings, will continue wearing them into fall! The fabric for this dress was the only fabric I purchased especially for the capsule wardrobe. The restContinue reading “2 Pink Knit Dresses”

Striped Matching Girls Dresses

A while back I saw a friend of mine wearing a reverse stripe shirt.  Actually, I’m just calling it that…none of the Google search terms I entered brought up a shirt like the one she was wearing.  The body of the shirt was white with black stripes and the sleeves were black with white stripes. Continue reading “Striped Matching Girls Dresses”

Stripes and Flowers Girl’s Maxi Dress

Ah the maxi dress! Annie loves them, and I love sewing them for her. A maxi dress on a young girl is such a statement piece. And with fabric as bold as we used for this one, it’s no wonder she’s been wearing it every chance she gets. For this maxi dress we used theContinue reading “Stripes and Flowers Girl’s Maxi Dress”

Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices

Today we’re going to share some things we’ve learned about sewing for tweens.  We’re going to focus on pattern choices; what’s available, what they’ll wear!  You can also check out our thoughts on fabric choices over at the Cali Fabrics blog, later next week. We’re joining the Growing Up Handmade blog tour.  It’s all aboutContinue reading “Sewing for Tweens – Pattern Choices”

Fiesta Fun, Fun, Fun!

Today we get to show you all the fun we’ve had with Fiesta Fun fabrics.  Put on some sunglasses and prepare yourselves for the party! Recently we got the exciting privilege of using some Fiesta Fun fabric designed by Dana Willard of Made Everyday for Art Gallery Fabrics.  Today is our stop on the FiestaContinue reading “Fiesta Fun, Fun, Fun!”

Uptown Downtown Maxi Dress {Project Sew It}

If you thought I was late for the last Project Sew It post I did, just wait until you read about today’s project! There’s something inspirational going on this year.  Celina of Petit a Petit and Family created Project Sew It.  You can read all about it here, but the basic premise is to sew oneContinue reading “Uptown Downtown Maxi Dress {Project Sew It}”

Forest Floor Adventure

Stepping into the forest, on and off the path, in the dappled lighting we discovered quite an adventure. A deer bounded across the path and paused to stare at us with it’s great doe eyes. Four squirrels nibbled corn a forbidden arms length away. Something mysterious swam just beneath the water,  surfaced with a splashContinue reading “Forest Floor Adventure”

Women’s Uptown Downtown Dress Review

The Uptown Downtown Dress by Sew Straight and Gather is one of our favorite patterns for girls.  So when it was released for women, we snapped it right up.  All of us want one, but Aria was the lucky first recipient. This fabric came from JoAnn Fabrics, it’s Sew Classic Knits Solid Interlock  (affiliate link) in navy. Continue reading “Women’s Uptown Downtown Dress Review”

A Monet Inspired Dress

Today we offer you beauty. Spring births beauty.  And we needed a little beauty. Sometimes life is harsh and cold, like winter. But spring always comes, and hurts are forgiven and forgotten. New life, new hope, new beauty. Spring. This dress was inspired by the Top Stitcher’s Art Gallery prompt. We already entered our SennaContinue reading “A Monet Inspired Dress”

An Over The Top Outfit

When you sew, sometimes you can afford to go all out!  (Especially when you refashion and have a large fabric stash.) This is our interpretation of the Over The Top: Holiday Challenge from Pattern Revolution.  It all started with an Uptown/Downtown Dress we made.  Annie’s cousin saw and loved Annie’s Uptown/Downtown Dresses, so we decidedContinue reading “An Over The Top Outfit”